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The Long COVID Game

This is a facilitator’s guide for The Long COVID Game, an instructional game on the cumulative probability of Long COVID. Overview This short (<5min) instructional game can help illustrate the cumulative probability of Long COVID.… Read More »The Long COVID Game

Abduction, Enaction, & Play

In this post I explore the notion of abduction—inferring what is probable from what is actual—in relation to games and play. Abductive reasoning shares a number of commonalities with the hermeneutic circle and by extension… Read More »Abduction, Enaction, & Play

Hello, Worlds

Nearly a hundred years ago, Jakob von Uexküll published A Foray Into the Worlds of Animals and Humans. Therein the biophilosopher envisioned how the world appears to various creatures, arguing that species are born into, live, and adapt to their own Umwelten (German for ‘environments’).

A screenshot from the game Hades where the main character is talking to his father.

Hades & the Hub

Over at The Washington Post Gene Park has written about the roguelike Hades, calling it a ‘masterclass in storytelling.’ If so, it would mark a pivotal step forward for a genre that has had much… Read More »Hades & the Hub

Responding Safely

In May, VEGA (Violence, Evidence, Guidance, and Action) launched their family violence educational resources through McMaster University. I had the opportunity to work with the VEGA team over a three year period to design and… Read More »Responding Safely